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A better question would be what do you want it to do? A good EPOS system will have the ability to add functions that you require and would assist in the daily running of your business.

Electronic Point Of Sale (EPOS)

The evolution of tills and cash registers, bringing them into 21st century. Technology has advanced so much and continues to do so driven by demands to make our lives easier with the ability to access information in the palm of our hands. EPOS is no different, as well as its primary function as point of sale you can equip EPOS with a range of applications suitable for your business needs.

We help businesses deliver an exceptional purchasing experience and drive profitability with centrally managed operations and reporting by providing simple and efficient electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems.

Streamlined For Business

Time is a valuable commodity especially when you’re running a business and having an all in one EPOS that can take care or reduce time spent doing tasks is invaluable. EPOS systems can minimise the risk of human error when it comes to product pricing or discounts and stock level which can be tracked remotely when your away from the business.

Simple to use, cost effective, and innovative EPOS application for any business with the ability to go mobile. FPMS allows small to medium-sized businesses to harness enterprise efficiencies at an affordable price point. Take card and cash payments, manage stock & customers, book appointments with text reminders, scan bar codes, centralised business reporting and much more.

Web Portal

Centrally manage, configure and report on your entire retail estate. Easily add, view and modify all aspects of your business such as products, departments, stores, clerks, tax, discounts, pricing, inventory, quick pick products, hardware and dashboard. Report on and control everything.

Why Choose Us



Number One Payment Merchant Services have been in the payment services sector for many years, during this time we have tested many EPOS systems to ensure they offer value to the business. Our current range of fixed and portable EPOS are some of the best we’ve ever tested, incorportaing modern technology with style and design.


Piece Of Mind

Our EPOS is backed by a multi-level support team delivering “Enterprise class support”. Our systems run in the same type of operating environment that tier one retailers use. The EPOS software uses a hybrid architecture of cloud and local data allowing it to work offline if your internet goes down.


Grow & Innovate

EPOS is a catalyst for your innovative retailing concepts by rapidly enabling change. Sell on the shop floor or at a festival, staff to consult on products as opposed to fulfilling transactions. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows to know your customer. Remind them of appointments via text, good for you and convenient for them. View spending and target appropriately. Operational efficiency is key for growth, without it, as you get larger you get slower. Our EPOS has been designed to enable retailers to scale with ease with centralised control. Add a café to your bike shop or salon.

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Bring you business to the 21st century with an EPOS system