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Online Payments

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What is a Online Payment Gateway?

 A Payment Gateway is a safe way to take online payments on your website. It is a merchant service that authorises credit or debit card payments for an online retailer. It is the online equivalent of a physical point of sale terminal.

Do I need a payment Gateway for an eCommerce business?

If you are intending to sell goods or services online, it is a must. In the UK over 30% of retail sales are now online. Keeping up to date with the most popular online payments methods is of upmost importance for e-commerce business.


UK businesses moving online has risen steadily from about 5 per cent in 2008 to 30 per cent in May 2020, according to the Office for National Statistics. According to Kantar, 13 per cent of food retail is now online against about 7 per cent before the pandemic.

With more than 800,000 businesses forced to close their doors under lockdown restrictions, businesses in every sector have accelerated their online payments transformation to meet growing demand for online shopping and continue trading.

Virtual Terminals

Do you take payments by phone or mail?

If so Number One Payments has the solution with their virtual terminal, it works on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Simple set up

  • Log in pretty much anywhere.
  • Ability to process multiple payments.
  • Ability to process and refund payments.
  • Accept payments in different currencies.
  • Advanced card verification plus proactive security to prevent fraud.
  • Send payment links.

Simpler Way To Pay

If you’re thinking of starting a ecommerce business online or want to offer current customers a simpler way to pay, we offer a range of online payments pages that make accepting cards and digital transactions safe and secure.

Virtual terminal providers came up with a great solution for businesses giving the opportunity to accept payment over mail and phone. Simple to use and secure, our virtual terminal allows you to create and send invoices, accept online payments integrate with accounting software and no website is required.



Integration with most popular e-commerce platforms and shopping carts.



Accepts all major cards and payment methods



Customised and secured payment page, compliant hosted with PCI standard



Detailed sales report for business management

What are you waiting for?

Get your business online with a secure online payment gateway.